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Getting Started

SysIdentPy is a Python module for System Identification using NARMAX models built on top of numpy and is distributed under the 3-Clause BSD license.

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SysIdentPy requires:

Dependency version Comment
python >=3.7,<3.10
numpy >=1.9.2 for all numerical algorithms
scipy >=1.7.0 for some linear regression methods
matplotlib >=3.3.2 for static plotting and visualizations
torch >=1.7.1 Only necessary if you want to use Neural NARX models
Platform Status
Windows ok
Linux ok
Mac OS ok

SysIdentPy do not to support Python 2.7.

A few examples require pandas >= 0.18.0. However, it is not required to use SysIdentPy.


with pip recommended

SysIdentPy is published as a Python package and can be installed with pip, ideally by using a virtual environment. If not, scroll down and expand the help box. Install with:

pip install sysidentpy
pip install sysidentpy["all"]
pip install sysidentpy=="0.1.6"

How to manage my projects dependencies?

If you don't have prior experience with Python, we recommend reading Using Python's pip to Manage Your Projects' Dependencies, which is a really good introduction on the mechanics of Python package management and helps you troubleshoot if you run into errors.

with git

SysIdentPy can be used directly from GitHub by cloning the repository into a subfolder of your project root which might be useful if you want to use the very latest version:

git clone