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Get Help

Before asking others for help, it’s generally a good idea for you to try to help yourself. SysIdentPy includes several examples in the documentation with tips and notes about the package that might help you. However, if you have any issues and you can't find the answer, reach out using any method described below.

Connect with the author

You can:

Create issues

You can create a new issue in the GitHub repository, for example to:

  • Ask a question or ask about a problem.
  • Suggest a new feature.

Join the chat

Join the 👥 Discord chat server 👥 and hang out with others in the SysIdentPy community.

You can use the chat for anything

Have in mind that you can use the chat to talk about anything related to SysIdentPy. Conversations about system identification, dynamical systems, new papers, issues, new features are allowed, but have in mind that if some of the questions could help other users, I'll kindly ask you to open an discussion or an issue on Github as well.

I can make sure I always answer everything, even if it takes some time.