SysIdentPy is intended to be a community project, hence all contributions are welcome!

Suggestions and Bug reporting

There exist many possible use cases in System Identification field and we can not test all scenarios without your help! If you find any bugs or have suggestions, please report them on ‘issue tracker’_ on GitHub.


Documentation is as important as the library itself. English is not the primary language of the main authors, so if you find any typo or anything wrong do not hesitate to point out to us.

Development environment

These are some basic steps to help us with code:

1. Install and Setup Git on your computer. 3. Fork sysidentpy. 4. Clone the fork on your local machine. 5. Install it in development mode using pip install --editable /path/to/sysidentpy/[dev]

  1. Create a new branch.

  2. Make changes following the coding style of the project (or suggesting improvements).

  3. Run the tests.

  4. Write and/or adapt existing test if needed.

  5. Add documentation if needed.

  6. Commit.

  7. Push to your fork.

  8. Open a pull request!